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Prioritize yourself and see others blossom...

You see…I used to, and still do sometimes, feel guilty when I spend time away from the family. I felt that taking time for myself also meant failing as a mom by not spending time with my children; or leaving my husband to manage the 4 girls by himself. Now, that’s how I felt, not he or the children. I kept prioritizing others before myself….until the day I realized, leaving my husband to manage for himself actually meant relationship building. They were truly BONDNG while I was away.

Before this realization, I used to do it all and feel good about being able to manage it ALL by MYSELF. Throughout the years, I’ve learned, and am still learning that, by prioritizing myself I’m actually allowing for all the other relationships in the family to blossom. You see, when I’m not around, my children go to dad for help. They go to dad when they want a story read. They go to dad when they are trying to figure out how to tie their shoes before running outside. They enjoy exploring with dad, whether it’s on the bike, in the park, on the tennis course, or around the neighborhood.

The fact is, once I take myself out of “the equation” I’m actually opening up for new relationships to build and new skills do develop. I’m still learning to prioritize myself and schedule time for a massage, pedicure, workouts in the early morning, post workout coffee with my “workout buddy”, and the occasional girls night out or even girls weekend away. Every time I schedule time away, I can’t but feel guilty. Then I feel like I’m missing out. And then, I realize that it’s a win-win situation for the whole family.


When I prioritize myself and take the time for self-care, socializing, re-energizing, or bonding I also become a better mom. I become a better wife. I simply become a better version of myself.

To that, I say, learn to prioritize yourself and the motivation to do so is two-fold: You allow for other relationships to build and you become a lot more pleasant to be around. Now, go get that workout done :)

Stay Strong,


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