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Meet Maria!

Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Behavioral Change Expert

I’m Maria and I can’t wait to get to know you and learn about your aspirations to live where you are in control of your health and can make educated decisions on healthy meals and efficient exercise. We work together to find new ways for you to eat healthier and exercise more efficiently so you can stop “trying new things” and never see any results. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing results when I put in effort!

I’m a behavior change specialist with a master in I/O psychology. I thrive on solving problems and working with my clients through the stages of change. I found my path to being a fitness and health coach through my work of changing human behaviors in organizations and my passion for exercise and nutrition.

Enjoy cooking

After having my 4 girls,

I realized that I could combine my passion with my education and expertise - changing behaviors to get more fit. I’m particularly focused on mothers and love to include family’s in any endeavor to live a healthier life.


As you can see, I have challenges myself with balancing the life as a mom and prioritizing my health and fitness. I find it easier to include my family so that we can together support each other and hold each other accountable for what we want. Every mom and family is different and that’s why I love to work with women and their families.

More About Me

I’m a sweater-loving "cold" Swede turned Californian, who can't get over the coffee addiction that took its root when having 4 girls under the age of 5. Yep, our number 3 became our beloved twins! Constantly running on the fumes of coffee was just part of life...​

After being nicknamed the "swedish buttkicker" (my Peloton name by the way!) and the "energizer bunny" while running my fitness classes and getting moms to do what they didn't think they could 5k, lose belly fat, do 40+ pushups, make healthier food choices, manage their time, get good sleep...

I decided to retire my career in Organizational Change and focus on empowering moms to turn around unhealthy, unwanted behaviors and replace them with sustainable healthier habits leading to happier healthier moms!


Asking How To Make Healthy Choices

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