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6 weeks to change your nutrition, exercise routines, and mindset to reduce symptoms and achieve your leaner body


Strategies for Fitness Through Perimenopause & Beyond


During our 6 weeks together we will set realistic goals, learn nutrition, exercise modalities, stress management techniques, sleep routines, and more to begin to create a new mindset and new healthy habits that will allow us to have more energy, sleep better, stress less, build lean muscle, and overall feel and function better through perimenopause and beyond.



with a better understanding of how you need to change your nutrition and exercise to better manage your body in this next stage of life. You’ll follow a dietitian approved meal plan, exercise program, and learn techniques to build healthier habits, improve sleep, and manage your stress levels.

Are you ready to conquer your perimenopause symptoms?



During this module, we will focus on what you are going to accomplish in this program. Not only about the physical changes you'll go through, but also about what you are willing to do to learn, explore, and take action during our 6 weeks together.



During this module, we will learn about how we can change our nutrition to better support our health and fitness goal through perimenopause and beyond. We'll learn the what, the why, and the how around nutritional needs in relationship to training and weight loss during perimenopause and beyond.



During this module, we will dig deep in how you can adjust your exercise routine to support your body the best you can as it pushes through the constant hormonal changes that occurs during perimenopause. What are signs and symptoms you can tackle by creating the right exercise routine for you and your body.



During this model, we will take a deep dive into how we can slowly but surely change our mindset and habits around exercise and nutrition. We'll work on eliminating the old mindsets and habits that got us to where we are today, where we get out of the "all-or-nothing mentality, let go of the "less-is-more mentality. You will leave this module feeling empowered, motivated, and capable of thriving through perimenopause and beyond.



During this module, we will discuss how you can assess, and adjust your current sleep pattern, or lack there of. We will explore a variety of remedies for improving sleep, such as when to eat and exercise, how does it improve or interrupt your sleep, what's the natural circadian rhythm and what can you do to better manage it and finally improve your sleep.



During this module, we will tackle the most common challenge to our body during perimenopause. Yes, we are all stressed working moms who are going through ebbs and flows of "busy" time; however, we are also going through physical changes that are stressful for our body. What can you do to better take care of your body during these stressful times, and how does it, or does it impact your weight gain/loss?

Bonus: We will have guest speakers come and talk about HRT, Sleep, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and other forms of treatments for hormonal imbalances so that you can leave this program with a library of knowledge and resources to continue to improve your health and fitness through perimenopause and beyond. 


Brittany, Twin Mom of 2

There truly are no words for how much Maria has helped me...Her program was a life saver and the best investment I have ever made for my own health!

Maria Testemonials.png


I am so grateful to you for helping me get on the right path to making healthy choices with both meal and exercise planning.  With your intelligent guidance, I feel I am  making real changes in how I eat and live!  You are exceptionally knowledgeable in both nutrition as well as fitness coaching. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 9.33.30 PM.png


Program was easy to follow and Maria made it fun with added Facebook challenges, prizes, and personal attention to help me reach my goals.

During this program you'll enjoy...


+ Group Coaching Sessions

+ Meal Plan

+ Grocery List

+ Recipes

+ Worksheets

+ Exercise Guide

...and more

Who this program would be best for: 

  • You are struggling to get the results you used to...even though you eat less and exercise more.

  • Are you constantly wondering "what is going on???" "Why is my body not responding like it used to?"

  • You're tired. Simply tired.

  • Sleep is not what it used to be.

  • You lack the energy you used to have.

  • Your motivation to eat right and exercise is dwindling.

  • You are beginning to accept, that maybe this is just part of the 40s and beyond.

  • ...oh, and what are those "all of a sudden, throw off my clothes" kinda moments...ehum - hot flashes.

 If you answered "yes" to any of these statement, this program is for you!


SEPTEMBER 6th 2022! 

Standard 6-Week Program
Includes everything listed above


Accountability Package
(Limited Space)
Includes Standard + Four 45-Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Calls with Maria


Plus You'll Be Backed By A Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee!

The 6-Week Fitness Formula for Fat Loss is THE PROGRAM that will keep you progressing beyond the 6-weeks of action-taking and learning. YOU will eat healthy meals, you'll know what efficient exercise routines feel like, you'll be better equipped to get a good nights sleep, you'll have a social support system, and you'll finish off by creating your own ideal meal plan that will keep you progressing towards your goal!

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