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Practice will get you there!

Working with my children on learning new skills in, and outside, of school reminds me of the importance of practicing. Without practicing for years, we would not be the reader, writer, or subject expert we are today. Practicing simply makes us learn new skills and makes us better at what we do. This is not only applicable to school subjects such as math, reading, writing but also to life in general - even health and fitness! I often encounter clients who are working to become stronger more fit and lose some extra body fat in the process; however, often clients expect a quick fix and then to continue their life as usual. Not possible. Yes, you can lose weight quick and go on with your life, regain the weight, and find yourself back at yo-yo dieting. Does that work? No. We have to realize that we are in the situation we are in for a reason. We need to change what we are doing, and we need to do it for the long run - for life!

It might be one change that needs to happen or more…but sustainable change needs to take place. How? Practicing and being patient. Are you drinking enough water? Are you enjoying your exercise routine? Are you doing the right exercise for your goal? Are you eating throughout the day? Are you eating the right nutrition for what your goals are? Find YOUR ONE adjustment that you want to implement in your life and PRACTICE it! Want to take that first step towards change? Schedule a one-on-one complementary discovery call with me, I’d love to get to know you :) CLICK HERE! It most likely took years to get to the point you are today, so don’t expect it to take weeks or months to get back to where you were. Invest time and effort in yourself and results will come. Keep practicing your new lifestyle whatever it might be. You will be amazed at what you can conquer once you set your mind to it! Want to learn more about my services and get to know me? Schedule a one-on-one complementary discovery call with me, I’d love to get to know you :) CLICK HERE!

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