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How my accountability partner made me successful!

Having a supporting environment where you are able and motivated to achieve your goals is key. There are multiple strategies you can use to motivate yourself and achieve your goals, but today I want to focus on accountability, social support, or why not call it accountability partner! One of the main strategies I share with my clients when we set and implement their fitness goals is accountability. In fact, accountability is one of the main drivers for getting your goals done. If you don’t have anyone around you helping you stay focused and accountable for getting it done - you are less likely to succeed! One of the strategies for staying accountable is to find a workout buddy. In fact, that’s how I got started on my journey to health and fitness! I was in college and, like many other college students, busy with homework, work, as well as social events (read party). I’ve always been active and done all kind of sports growing up and never had any issue with weight. I always told myself “I rather have this candy and do a 10k run, than skip the candy!” The college years added weight to my waistline, but nothing that I particularly focused on or noted. My friend, on the other hand, had back issues and wanted to lose weight to eliminate pain and feel better about herself - she joined Weight Watchers. She needed someone to keep her accountable and on track. I said, “I’ll support you” and join her for workouts and followed her meal plan - she kept me accountable to stay on the meal plan and I kept her accountable to stay on the workout schedule. I was strict and we both were very successful while bonding during workouts and meal discussions and our friendship only grew stronger. Fast forward 20 years and 20 lbs lighter - she is still active and in health and I’m…yep, a health coach!

Clearly, the strategy of finding an accountability partner worked for my friend (and me)! In fact, accountability partners can increase your likelihood of achieving your goal by 95%. According to a study done by The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) you are 65% more likely to complete your goal if you commit to someone. Even better, if you have an appointment with a person that you are committed to, you will increase your chances of success by up to 95%. Clearly, finding an accountability partner, is a great strategy to use if you have a hard time motivating yourself and get the workouts done or staying on a meal plan.

Make it fun! If you have a workout buddy or have found a running group. Join a local race to do together. No pressure to run long distances, just sign-up to get motivated. Set your goal for your race and build up to it! Once race day arrives, you’ll feel good surrounded by friends and your support system. One goal completed!to go for a run in the mornings. Find a running group where you can show up and get a structured workout and find likeminded people. If group workouts is not for you, find a friend who wants to join you in the quest of getting healthier. Make it a weekly date where you can catch-up and get fit together. Much better than having a cup of coffee and a muffing to catch up - right! Simply go for walks, meet at the gym and reward yourself with a brief shopping spree or coffee after your workouts. Maybe set a goal of doing 10 workouts together before you get to go for a social event, massage, or bio together. Be creative!

Make sure you share your goals with your close support system. However, make sure you only share it with those who will and can be supportive. Pick 3-5 people in your support system. Tell them what your goal is and how they can help you. For example, I’m committing to doing TRX 2-4 times per week and have told my husband that we will do one together on Saturdays when our daughters are doing their 2hr Judo practice. This allows us to connect, get something done, and because TRX is a 20-30 minute workout, we will still have 1 1/2 hours left to watch our girls do Judo. For more tips and tricks of how to get motivated, check out my FREE GUIDE HERE!

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