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Finishing 2020 Strong!

We are heading into the Holidays of 2020 and THIS time is my FAVORITE time of the YEAR…or that is - When I PLAN and PREPARE for it!

No, it doesn’t have to take a ton of time to plan and prepare, but it takes focus. Set aside 15 minutes to plan ONE activity for the week. Either you take 15 minutes to plan your meals, followed by 15 minutes to plan your grocery list, followed by 15 (or 5 minutes) to plan your shopping schedule. You can get this all done Friday - Sunday and “Voila” you have your weeks meals scheduled and ready for execution (…or in this case cooking).


Taking small amounts of time to get things done has been a life changer for me! It takes brain power to get over the hurdle of taking action when we anticipate it taking 30 minutes, 1 hour, or more - right?

With 4 kids at home there is NEVER A GOOD time to get other stuff done - especially not self-care!

Check out my LIVE video in my FB Group - FITNESS HABITS FOR MOMPRENEURS - for more tips on setting weekly goals and actually achieving them!

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