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Don't Deprive Yourself - it's the HOLIDAY SEASON!

We are about to embark on the busy, stressful, joyful Holiday season when we see old friends, meet new friends, network as well as spend time with our family. Eating and drinking during this time of the year is how we socialize; thus, this is a challenging time of year to stay healthy and not gain weight. However, it’s a time of the year we SHOULD ENJOY and PARTAKE in as it fills our hearts with joy and gratitude! Stay SOCIAL AND HEALTHY by using some or all of these 20 quick tips to feel empowered and successful as you stay healthy through the Holiday Season and come into the New Year without guilt.

Portion Size Guide

Provided by Precision Nutrition


  1. Plan your plate. Ask what will be served at the event and make your decision before hand of what you are going to eat.

  2. Fill up before. Drink +8oz of water and eat something light before you go (apple + almonds). We make better decisions on a full stomach.

  3. Contribute. Bring your favorite healthy side dish – your family and friends will appreciate it!

  4. Plan you placement. Avoid standing next to the unhealthy snack food to avoid unintentional snacking. If you can and know of someone that also is focused on eating healthier, try to get seated next to them.

  5. Plan your outings. Before going to the mall or running other errands, decide where you are having lunch and avoid passing by any temptations on a hungry stomach.

  6. On-The-Go Snacks. Always make sure you have a healthy snack available to grab-and-go (e.g., hardboiled eggs, edamame, cut up apples, carrots, hummus).

  7. Indulge Smart. Plan for the times that you can and want to have a little extra. This can be one cheat meal per week. Allowing yourself to take a break from constant control will help you be successful the rest of the time. CONTROL YOUR INTAKE

  8. Know Your Portions. Use the portion control below to learn amount of food to put on your plate. Even use smaller plates to feel like you are eating more.

  9. Track your intake at least 3 times per week. This will keep you honest and mindful about what you consume.

  10. Measure. Have your favorite tight pants and try them on once a week. Too tight? Adjust your eating and activity level. Just right? Keep up the good work!

  11. Stock your pantry right. There will be plenty of opportunities to eat your favorite unhealthy food at social events throughout December. This is a great time to get rid of and not fill up on unhealthy snacks in your pantry. STAY ACTIVE

  12. HIIT workouts are quick and easy to do in the morning or at night, whenever you have 20-30 minutes. If you don't have more than 15 minutes just do 1-2 circuits. It's OK - at least you did SOMETHING!

  13. Include Your Family. Bring your friends and family for a hike. No need to climb mountains, it can simply be a walk in your neighborhood. Tell your family about your holiday goals so they can support you…or even better, join you!

  14. Exercise with Your Kids. Enjoy time at the park and get moving with the kids. If there’s a bench, make some fun challenges for your family and friends (e.g., push-ups challenge, step-up challenge). Play on the play structure doing monkey bars, balancing on the beam, mountain name it. The playground is like an outdoor gym - just use your imagination!

  15. Park Smart. When you drive anywhere, park far away to enjoy some additional walking time.

  16. Lift when you can. At the grocery store, use a basket instead of a cart. This will engage your core, arm, and your whole body as you carry the basket. Carry your kids - big or small.

  17. Take the stairs :)

  18. Exercise with Chores. As you are folding your laundry. Do squats. Do lunges. Do jumping jacks.

  19. Take 2 minutes. Before you take your shower, do 10 push-ups & 30 second plank. I promise you, your family and friends won't notice the extra time in the shower...and YES, it will make a difference!

As you can see, there are many opportunities to make our life active without blocking out hours at the gym. Yes, it's nice to have the time and prioritize our workouts and if you can do that - GREAT! But there is simply NO EXCUSE for being inactive due to holiday or travel.

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