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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Is there a link between breast cancer and exercise?

Hey there ladies - it’s that time a year when we are reminded of the importance to check those “puppies” and reset priorities, right?

We are bogged down by all our “to-do'“ that need to be done now, if not yesterday. We, as Mom-Preneurs, wear so many hats on a single day that it’s hard to priorities our own health, time, and wellness!

However, let’s take OCTOBER as a month to reset and refine how we NEED to priorities our OWN HEALTH. It’s not just about getting checked…it’s about being mindful every single day of how we live to live longer!

So, to the questions - is there a link between physical activity and breast cancer?

Yes, to no surprise, there is evidence that physical inactivity is estimated to be a principal cause for approximately 21-25% breast and colon cancer burden. By exercising regularly the risk for breast cancer (among other diseases) reduces; however, to reduce it SIGNIFICANTLY we need to exercise at a moderate- to vigurous-intensity for at least 30-60 minutes per day.

Start small and build on it! Use these guidelines to get started on your health and build for your future!

Stay Strong Always!


Source: World Health Organization, Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health. Link here:

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