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Health coaching that starts with YOU



I empower you as an Executive Leader to gain insights into your and your workforce's wellness strengths and weaknesses. I provide you with insights and actions to address health and wellness challenges, helping you to foster overall wellbeing and a thriving workforce.

Hi, I'm Maria!

I work with entrepreneurs & executives to revoke their unhealthy behaviors through motivational interviewing, nutrition coaching, and fitness programs

Corporate Wellness

Healthy doesn't have to be home cooked anymore

We help organizations find and implement small yet significant solutions to a healthy workplace for employees. We get to the root cause of the problem and provide insightful solutions that are unique to your organization. 

Signature group coaching program designed to teach you how to make healthier choices, get into an exercise routine, and simply feeling better while losing those extra pounds. It's a proven formula that gets you to execute and form healthier habits for life.


Enjoying your workouts is key to feel the results


Focus on nutrition dense foods

Learn how you can take action to reduce your perimenopause symptoms through exercise and nutrition. Simply follow Maria's 6-week nutrition and fitness advice, take action, and begin to feel and understand how your food and exercise choices impact your health through perimenopause and beyond. 

Successful Clients


Meeting you has brought so much health and happiness in my life. I feel so good and have so much energy. You're changing my habits and I'm incredibly grateful.

Successful Clients

Abby, Interior Designer
& Mom of 5

What Maria advocates is a proper meal, with real ingredients and actual cooking involved. When
we sit down to a meal as a family, there are a lot of vegetables and things we consider as food.

Successful Clients


There truly are no words for how much Maria has helped me...Her program was a life saver and the best investment I have ever made for my own health!

Are you ready to get started?
Accepting in-person and virtual clients!

Don't Miss It

Wednesdays & Fridays @9am
4-Weeks of Focus

Sign-up to be one of 5 ladies to participate in this 4-week program where we build stamina, muscles, and stronger bones while having a BLAST!

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