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Simple, yet impactful, insights and change to organizational health and wellness

Corporate Wellness

We help organizations find and implement small yet significant solutions to a healthy workplace for employees. We get to the root cause of the problem and provide insightful solutions that are unique to your organization. We identify key drivers of your organizational stress and provide solutions to build a healthy workplace where employees will thrive.


Phase 1: Gain Awareness

It starts with awareness. We work with you and the leadership to describe the work stressors that, according to research, have the most impact on employee productivity. This discussion includes both individual and organizational stressors and how organizations can address both.


Phase 2: Assess & Analyze

Each organization is unique; hence, we work diligently to get to know yours. During this phase, we will provide assessments through interviews, focus groups, and/or survey assessments. The time spent with your employees will allow us to get to the core of the problem that limits your organizational success. At the end of this phase, we will deliver a report and a proposed approach that will improve your organizational success.


Addressing stress in organizations requires an in-depth assessment and solutions that address the root cause of the stressors experienced. Too often organizations focus on solutions that address individual stressors but rarely make the investment to take a deep dive to understand how organizational factors impact work-related stressors. It's time for a change. Work-related stressors are just that - related to work and need to be assessed and resolved as such.


Book a discovery call with IOinsights and learn how you can get a FREE assessment of your organization's

work-related stressors to kick-start your in-depth understanding of the impact stress has on your organization today


Phase 3: Take Action

We will get ingrained in your organization to deliver solutions to the root cause of the problem Our action-oriented solutions are both short-term and long-term oriented. We will work with Executive leadership as well as individuals to address core problems from multiple dimensions.

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Phase 4: Reassess & Progress

As we begin to take action and see change, we will reassess organizational health and determine how to continue to build on the changes that have been taking place.

Invite Maria To Talk!

Contact Maria to engage her to deliver a workshop on corporate wellness topics such as burnout, stress, company culture, and healthier habits in the workplace, as well as workshops related to nutrition and fitness.

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