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Same, Same...But Different!

I attended the RRCA running coaching program this weekend and was reminded how we are all very unique individuals. I love how we can go online and find programs and solutions to any of our fitness or health goals. However, we forget how unique we are and that one solution will give different outcomes depending on each individual. Take Hal Higdon’s Marathon training programs, for example. His programs are great to motivate and give general guidelines on how to build a running program. Will this program have the same outcome for everyone? No. Will you be more likely to finish your running race using one of his programs? Probably. Will you be able to do a PR using his programs? Maybe.

I learned a lot during my RRCA course and feel I’m more equipped to create my own training as well as training for someone who is a recreational runner, but I was also reminded that we are all different and ONE PROGRAM will not work for everyone.

As stated by many fitness professionals, when we create training and coaching programs we have the clients goals developed but the response of each clien't’s body may be different. It’s like cooking the same recipe with different outcomes depending on oven, flour, butter, and other variables determining the outcome.

Not only is this applicable for Personal Training and other Fitness Coaching, but also when we look at nutrition. Working with a lot of women who wants to lose 5-10 lbs, I get a lot of questions about “Fad Diets”. The truth is, one way of eating might work for some but not others.

We are all prone to looking for “quick easy fixes” to lose weight. I know this by heart, it’s easy to do our google searches looking for a fast easy solution. I take pride in my work and love to get to know each and every one of my client’s challenges and goals. Every one of us is unique and it takes time to get to know our bodies as they develop and changes.

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